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The city of Oakville is located in the south of the country near Toronto. In 2018, a Canadian magazine declared it the best place to live in all of Canada. People find this hidden gem city much worth living in, because it is clean and very safe place to raise kids and family. That means: there is no rubbish on the street and people don’t have to be afraid when they walk on the street at night time with their families. People are friendly in this city and there are leisure activities such as restaurants and cinemas. People like to live in this place because the city has it all.

Although Oakville is a great city but one thing right in our homes can make everything worse, that’s the infestation of invading non stop pests. You can even forget the beauty of Ontario Lake when insects like Mice, rats, bedbugs, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, squirrels, ants and raccoons get into your home and destroy it.

Maximum a professional pest control company based in the heart of Oakville city and other nearby areas offering a vast variety of pest control services. Although Maximum mainly deals with residential homes; however, you can also contact Maximum in commercial cases also. We are here to direct and assist you regarding various pest infestations and their rational proper solutions. Maximum proud to accept all types of job that comes it way regardless let it be residential, commercial and industrial.

Our local pest control team bonded and insured as well as fully trained exterminators are ready to provide you with the best reliable and affordable all types of pest related services for your home or business. Although there are several other local pest control companies, our company MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES stands out from the other pest control services providers, simply check out our reviews on google, so you can be more convinced before making that phone call.

Steps to Take for Prevention of Pest Invasion

So that there is no pest infestation in your home, there are a few tricks you should follow to prevent pests.

  • Air regularly Almost all pests love moist and warm rooms. Therefore, regularly ventilate bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, as well as storage cupboards. As a result, the moist air is transported outside.
  • Ventilate the house regularly Rooms and bathrooms should be ventilated regularly because a humid and warm environment inside attracts pests especially spiders and centipedes
  • Seal cracks and holes Pests often enter the house through cracks and holes. To avoid this, you should seal these areas with grout or filler. So the unwanted roommates can no longer find any hiding places and you no longer have to remove eggs and insects from the cracks with the vacuum cleaner. You should also do without a cupboard paper because the nuisances like to hide under it.
  • Fly-screens Mount insect screens on windows and prevent flies, wasps or ants from entering the room.
  • Use of essential oils Pests find essential oils extremely unpleasant. Fragrance bags with lavender, lemon, but also laurels or juniper help to deter the pests. Scented balls, sticks or clothes hangers made of cedar wood also avoid the clothes moths. Distribute essential oils or sachets of fragrance around the house, because pests find the smell extremely unpleasant.
  • Remove any leftovers and clean Remove bread crumbs, flour dust, and other residues immediately. They are a “found food” for insects that go foraging at night. You should also not leave waste open overnight.
  • Remove infected food As soon as you discover an infected food, it is important to put it immediately in sealed waste bins outside the house. This removes the possibility of pests attacking other foods.
  • Store food properly It’s better to Store food in closed jars, cans and bottles. Bugs can easily bite through the paper.
  • No large stocks The larger the food stocks, the higher the likelihood of pest infestation. So only buy what you process or consume promptly.
  • Keep pet spaces clean Clean pet places regularly; because hair and dandruff, for example, house dust mites as food.
  • Fresh laundry This becomes very important usually after pest control program has been performed. Because washing clothes will remove any residue of dead pests as well as any eggs

Only fresh laundry belongs in the closet. Put unwashed laundry in the closet, it is likely that dandruff and smell of sweat attract the moths.


Available 24/HRS – 6 days throughout the week: We can be invaded by pest infestation in any season and for any reason. Keeping in mind that a professional pest control service operates 24 hours throughout the week and they can help you out in an emergency. So, you need no more panic as you can contact these professional pest control companies at any time you require them. In fact, 24/7 availability makes a professional pest control service more attractive and convenient.

Relevant knowledge and expertise: A qualified Pest control company possesses the technical information and know-how in their particular field which makes them specialized in pest control. Mostly they have a prescribed qualification in the field of forensic pest controlling and they have already worked with government institutes and other departments.

Job relevant Training: A professional pest controller possesses job-relevant knowledge and specialized training. He is trained to deal with all kinds of pests. So an expert pest control service will give a solution for any kind of pest as there are different types. Therefore, you will not need to worry about any kind of pest.

The immediate reaction on a call: Whenever your home is infested with pests in Oakville; a qualified pest controller will enable you to get you out of this situation in a short time and your home will be free of insects. A qualified pest controller will give a prompt response in all cases regarding pests. He gives you solutions for each case concerning Mice, rats, bedbugs, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, squirrels, ants and raccoons.

Remember our company MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES in any case when you are searching for RESIDENTIAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN OAKVILLE

MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES will provide you an apex and on-time solution with all safety measures and care that you are looking for.

  • We mainly deal with RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES but we can also accommodate industrial as well.
  • All the experts of our company are properly certified by the ministry certifying authorities MOE.
  • Our bonded local exterminators are skilled professionals who know how to deal with all types of pest control in your area.
  • We have actually been working in this field for years and all our clients trust us and highly recommend our services to their neighbors and friends
  • Our team experts have proper security clearance check regarding the criminal track record safe and trusted.

In case of any information or booking call orders you can contact MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES or simply call (905) 582-5502

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