3 Best Steps To Get Rid Of Cockroaches For Good

 In Oakville Ontario Pest Control

These little pests are smelly, and they carry thousands of bacteria. The mere thought of them crawling on your food is cringe-worthy. But how do you control these little buggers when they have been living for so long? It is said that cockroaches can even survive a nuclear blast and its true.

Here, Maximum will provide you with 3 best steps to get rid of cockroaches for good, say goodbye bad pests. If the problem is too much for you, keep in mind that you can always call our cockroach exterminator to help you permanently remove these little buggers from your house or business office quickly.

Close All The Gaps in Your Walls

Cockroaches live in dark and damp places. They are found in your closet, behind the walls, and under the sink. Visit your basement and check out if there are cracks in the walls. If there are, caulk them. While traps are great at capturing cockroaches, it will not stop them from breeding and finding new holes to go inside.

Find all the entry points and caulk them so the cockroaches have no way out. They will live long, that is true. But like any living organism, cockroaches need to rink and feed. And in the absence of water and food, they will eventually die. Just make sure that insides of these walls are not moist.

Use Gel Baits & Glue Boards

This is the second action you need to take. There are many methods to poison cockroaches, from chalks to power baits. Gel baits are very effective because they contain chemicals that attract cockroaches to eat and die. They usually come in the form of a trap where the cockroach comes in, gets infected with the poison, and then spreads it to the colony couple days later.

Just keep in mind that baits can make cockroaches lie dead around you house. Be prepared to clean up. When using glue boards traps stations and gel bait, make sure that these are not accessible to pets and small children. These traps contain strong poison, and can be harmful and even toxic to humans and animals.

Use Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid is a powerful tool that can kill pests like cockroaches and ants. They are not harmful to humans, and they are usually found in products that we typically use such as toothpastes and clothing detergent.

To use it as an anti-cockroach solution, you need to mix it with water and dissolve it. Spray it on cockroaches. The other trick is to spread small amounts of boric acid in powder from where the cockroaches are. What you want to happen is for them to step on it and slowly get poisoned.

As the cockroach preens itself, the boric acid will get ingested and poison the cockroach body. There is also a big possibility that the body itself will absorb it even if the cockroach did not ingest it.

Summary Takeaway

These three tricks should help you significantly reduce the cockroach population in your house. Do them regularly, and you will be amazed at the results gets fast. As always, cockroaches and other pests found their way into your house because there is gaps that needs to be sealed as well as food and water.

Always keep your house clean, and do not give roaches access to food and water. Fix leaks and always put food in closed canisters. Dispose of garbage properly , and these pests will be gone In No Time.

If the problem is more that you can handle, you can always call a cockroach exterminator www.maximumpestcontrol.ca (905) 582-5502 in Oakville Ontario. These guys have adequate experience to control cockroaches issues in your home or business very fast, and they can also give you value advice about what to do to prevent them from coming back again.

These professionals at Maximum Pest Control Services can track where the roaches are hiding, identify why they are in your house or business in the first place, and also give you a free value consultation and completely set you up to get you started Right Away! Contact Maximum Now (905) 582-5502

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