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The Mouse is a common house pest that has been a major problem of many households. It is often hard to understand on how these little creatures can infest and destroy properties. Evidence for mice infestations is often present in places such as the garage, cabinets, drawers, and closets. The signs are usually holes in packages or boxes of food, scratches on bedding or furniture, inexplicable food crumbs, and rice-shaped fecal matters scattered everywhere in the house.

There are people who think that mice presence is not a big deal so they just let them run around their house. Some even take them as pets because they are considered cute and adorable. But, these tiny fur balls are cute in cartoons only and it’s a different story when they infiltrate your house and be an unofficial guest.

Homeowners who consider their space as sacred find these troublesome creatures as nightmare pests. Mice carry viruses and diseases that are risky to everyone. Mice are destructive and costly. They feed on almost everything from electrical wiring to stored packages of food, which people are saving for special occasions. These incidents compel housekeepers to waste money on replacements. In addition to that, hiring companies that offer pest control services could charge them up to $500 and a maintenance agreement for a year. So, if you want to save your time and money from getting rid of mice, here are some of easy ways to eliminate them:

  • 1. Inspection Everywhere

The first step is to look for evidence of mice presence by checking on areas for mice access or mice holes. These openings are where they usually pass through to penetrate food piles and chewable items. Usually, they are hidden behind furniture, corners of houses, and basement bulkheads. Mice are also excellent climbers, so people don’t realize that these pests can also gain access through the ceiling and the roof. That is why it is wise to check these as well. The first step is a tedious procedure, but it is an essential step.

  • 2. Seal the Access Holes

Once these mice cracks and mice holes are identified, shut them with copper mesh, metal sheet, hardware cloth, steel, foam or caulk to hinder their reentry. But, mice are very clever creatures and they can penetrate these seals. It is always important to make sure these seals can hold and last long.

  • 3. Set the Trap and check

Laying traps can be done before or after, even at the same time sealing located openings. Mousetraps should be set as a back up when these witty creatures bypassed the sealing of the openings. This is an effective way to cut off and control the population of mice immediately. Traps can be food with rat poison or the tradition device trap of mouse bait and glue boards.

People can use these approaches to eliminate mice . However, mice are smart and they have evolved to decipher these traps. Today, mice are said to be wise and know how to avoid these certain traps from observation and experience. Many can now detect if a food is mice friendly or deadly.

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