Three Things You Should Know About Mice

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Mice has always been a problem for humans, and in the unfortunate event that they find their way to your home, getting rid of mice maybe cumbersome for the untrained eye.

Most people think that it is easy to lay down mouse traps or poison them without realizing how dangerous such methods could be. Furthermore, rodents including rats and mice are smart creatures whom evolved over the thousands of years.

You may even wonder how it was even possible for them to get inside your house initially. This is because mice have abilities that many humans do not realize. Let’s take a look 3 important thing to know regarding mice and mice control.

Rodents Can Climb, Can Jump Precisely Any Vertical Walls

If you think a wall can deter a mouse, you are mistaken. They have the ability climb, especially on rough surfaces. Couple that with their ability to jump, and they will find a way to get in your house. Can jump one foot up, and can jump more than one foot horizontally. If they can climb a tree that is just far enough from your backyard wall, they will be able to climb and jump into your house.

They use down spouts and gutters, including wires and vegetation and trees. This is why they are usually found in the attic. Always make sure that your attic is enclosed, and that the rodent has no way to get in, even if it has climbed its way there.

Can Squeeze Their Bodies Real Tight & Fast

Ever wonder why a tiny hole is enough to fit a large mouse? Have the skeletal structure and musculature that allows them to compress their bodies. They can compact their organs, and this is why they can squeeze through smallest of holes (mice can squeeze themselves in holes as small as a dime). What this means is that for identifying mouse infestation, you need to look carefully for entry points of their passageway.

Inspect your house and check for these holes. Make sure you patch them with concrete to prevent them from accessing your house. You can always call Maximum Pest Control Services Rodent Control Team to assist you with rodent inspection and detailing methods for mice removal & seal rodent access points correctly. Our technicians know which areas of the house are often targeted by rodents and flying wasps, and it would be easier to find these holes with them and seal them at an affordable cost.

Rodent Can Chew Their Way Inside The Structure

Rat Teeth

If your wall is made of plaster boards or thin plywood, they can chew on them and eventually make a hole. Mice and rats have powerful teeth that can gnaw and nibble on wire, weather stripping, thin door panels, and even plastic containers in your kitchen. As a result mice infestations can be spread very easily.

Despite putting all the work to patch the holes, you may be surprised that they are back and that they have created a new hole. This suggests out blown mice infestation and therefore requires professional solutions since it may be too costly to replace your entire wall panels. Contact our pest control experts for advice and solutions

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Tips To Get Rid Of Mice From Home Or Business Today

Here are some tips that will help you reduce the infestation in your house:

  • Inspect – check for holes and possible bridges that used to gain entry to your house from outside, such as trees and holes in the walls, weep holes, gaps between the soffits and the walls were are able to climb in. Insure all these exterior holes are sealed.
  • Closure – use caulking materials and hardening foam to cover these holes. These materials harden like concrete and it would be difficult for the mice to chew on them. Do not Use Foam!
  • Mice Traps – use traps and mice baits as well as glue board to catch them and then get rid of them and clean the mouse droppings.

These three things are time consuming and don’t forget about mice damages. One of the best investment you can do for both of your house and health is to call the mouse exterminator services. When you want to find exterminators near you, use the power of the internet for finding “pest control near me” for professional rodent exterminators near you. Press on the link below to find more about location of Maximum Pest Control Services

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