I Beg You Bed Bugs Don’t Bite Me

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Nightly nightly, Let Me Sleep tightly! I Beg You Bed Bugs Don’t Bite Me!” sweet dialog but absolutely nothing beneficial about these blood sucking tiny pests stopping them from slurping on “YOU 4 Dinner TONIGHT“.

One of the most despised of the pest world, secretly concealing somewhere close to their host proximity (YOU) out of sight, and the only indication that they are with you is by seeing the lumpy red itchy pimple shape on your skin most of the times. Other than that, you probably don’t even know that they exist next to you, feeding on you. But what’s up with these little bugs? lets cover most of the basics…

Bed Bugs What Are They?

bed bug on human skin sucking human blood
These miniature oval flat bodies insects are dark brownish in color. Possesses no wings, so cannot fly, thanks god for that, but they can move very fast. They can scale walls and furniture like ninjas without attempt.

They feed by sucking the blood through piercing the skin of the host. This can leave evidence of red, itchy welts which are normally first sign that you might have them. They are considered not easy to restrain in the industry and sometimes difficult to control and usually it takes a professional company like Maximum Pest Control Services can help you get rid of them with guarantee.

How do you Know you have Bed Bugs?

The best way to tell if you have bed bugs problems is if you got bit and start having red looking welts on your skin. These scratchy bites often look like any mosquito similar bites and are difficult to recognize, even by expert doctors. But if you sleep with no bites and next day rise up having several red bites, you might want to investigate right away.

However, a pest control professional can visit your home and conduct an inspection to determine if any infestation and signs of bed bugs exist. Sometimes people with home pets mistaken flea bites with bed bugs instead. Get Inspected!

Can Bed Bugs Hurt Me?

Bed bugs are not known to transmit of disease or infection. Their bites can be itchy annoying and mentally draining  uncomfortable, but generally considered to be NO health threat to people.

I have Them, What Should I Do Next?

In the event you found out that you have them, or suspect it, the best of choice and most effective treatment is done by a professional pest control company like Maximum Pest Control Services

Many individual will try to get rid of them on their own but often they make things more worse. Daily house vacuuming and hot dry laundering will definitely help somewhat, but won’t get them completely gone and they will continue to breed and feed on YOU. Sleeping elsewhere in the house is not effective at all and can actually make your situation more difficult to get rid of since they will piggy pack most of your fabrics you dressed in whatever you go. Perhaps to work. They Watching YOU!

Bed Bugs Removal Service Hamilton Ontario

A reputable company like Maximum Pest Control Services highly trained technicians will attend a comprehensive visit into your home, do a thorough examination to bed bugs’ secret hideouts, then arrange a service treatment applying best methods combination of different only Toronto Ontario ministry approved safe products that are specifically intended for in-home use. It may take several treatments with at-least 2 to 3 treatment so it can be eradicated from your home completely and successfully, with the best methods combo getting rid of nasty bed bugs. Above all else, keep in mind that Maximum Pest Control Services offers Fast, Safe, Affordable pest control and bed bug treatments.

Need Bed Bugs to be Removed

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