Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

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Bed bugs are small insects seen with oval-shaped, flat body. They are around ¼ inch in their size. Mostly they are to be found in sofas, mattresses, beds and other similar pieces of home furniture. This is actually where they got their name “bed bugs”.

Primarily, they are parasites that feed on temperate blood of pets and human. They prefer to stay on your sofa and beds to hide themselves away because they come out at night to sip out warm blood from humans. This is the last thing you would want a pest do to you.

These bed bugs bite a hole on the surface of your skin from which they instill their saliva through in order to avoid blood clotting then suck them out. Thus, the injected saliva is the one responsible causing irritation on skin. If you scratch your irritated skin excessively in may even lead to serious skin infections. That is why getting rid of these bed bugs from your home is essential to protect you and your family’s well being, as well as, your pets at home. In this case, you probably want to consider performing the following methods to remove these insects out.

  • You need to clean the pieces of furniture where you think bed bugs are staying with the use of a vacuum. These pieces of furniture should include your bed stand, bed seams, sofas, upholstery, floors, headboards, and the like. You should continue vacuum cleaning all those areas regularly until the invasion of bugs are completely removed. After each use, make sure to seal the vacuum bag up in the packet, and then dispose off.
  • All washable garments, such as pillow cases cushion covers, bed linens, and so on must be washed thoroughly in warm to hot water. You may place them inside the washer, in highest temperature setting, and then wash then at least two times. You may dry them under the sun.
  • Aside from extreme high temperature, bed bugs may also not be able to stand very low temperature. Those pieces of clothing and fabrics, which can’t be washed, may be frozen. You can place them inside a plastic bag then seal them up properly. You may keep those sealed bags in the freezer at least for 2 weeks for most favorable results.
  • Another excellent alternative to cleaning up your rugs, beds, carpets and furniture is steam cleaning. Since bed bugs can’t stand high temperature, adult bugs, along with their eggs, might be eliminated by the heat from a steam cleaner. You need to utilize the steam cleaner twice on the entire items so as to make sure that they’ve been completely eradicated.
  • White vinegar also has something to do with eliminating those bed bugs. You may scrub down hard surfaces infested by bed bugs, such as dressers, drawers, cabinets, etc. using a hard-bristled brush. Generously spray the natural white vinegar on those surfaces.

Getting rid of bed bugs and removing them by yourself may seem easy, yet you need to exert a lot of effort like what you observe in the methods mentioned above. Bed bugs can be a nuisance, so you may want to consider asking for a help from an expert pest control company to eradicate those pests completely.

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