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When it comes to House Ants Control issues, many people do not see ants as pest infestation, but one couldn’t be more wrong. Some ants are so powerful such as carpenter black ants that they can do serious damage if they get into your home and start chewing on your wood the frame of your house. Now, ants are known to gather food for the winter and the rainy season, so it is not unusual to see them in the summer running around in your kitchen or basement and sometimes are living in the top attic of your home. simply you need the help of private exterminating pest control expert company as a pest prevention services.

How To Get Rid of Ants in Home?

Today, you will learn how to keep these little ant at bay as effective pest management program, and we will show you tips to get rid of them for good from your home or business especially if you have a kitchen at work were staff eat and drink.

Remove All Food Sources left over

This is the most important of all. The truth is, prevention is better than cure. The only reason ants are in your house or business is because they know there is food to eat or water to drink.

  • Focus on the kitchen area – your appliances like microwave and bread toaster accumulate food over time. Take the time to clean them every day. Wipe extra crumbs from them and dispose the crumbs in a garbage closed lid bin. Keep the garbage bin outside to start eliminating current infestation.
  • Clean your cabinets– food get spilled in cabinets all too often, and this is one of the spots where people so not clean as they go. Wipe your cabinets on a daily basis if it is used often as a storage for food that is consumed daily.
  • Keep food in air-tight containers – ants are small and they can fit in any opening. Keep your food like honey and sugar in air-tight containers. These jars will not let out a smell and will not attract ants, much less let them inside.
  • Sweep the floor – always sweep the floor and vacuum the carpet every couple of days, especially in the kitchen. If you have a habit of eating pizza in the living room or bed room, you have to clean them up every day. Ants will find their way in there as soon as you are a sleep. If you have pets such as cats and dogs, make sure to clean the food that get laid out on the floor and any extra crumbs that pets leaves behind.

Use Commercial Ant Baits

One of the most powerful substance that you can use for Unwanted pests is borax as appropriate insecticides for these little tiny ant. It is not harmful to humans, but they are toxic to ants and other tiny pests when consumed.

To use this effectively, mix borax with sugar. The sugar will attract ants, and the borax is going to kill them. Put them in spots where you usually see ants lined up marching. Better yet, put them in places where the ants enter your house, such as window sills and doorways. Just make sure this is not accessible to pets, as your pets can get seriously harmed eating on borax .

Find the Nest and Get Rid of the Ants

One way to win this war against the ants is using a proper pest control techniques is to attack the enemy where they hide. Ants live in colonies and that is where they put the food they gathered so you can get rid of them.

To find an ant nest, just follow their trail. Follow the ones who are carrying a piece of food, and you will find their nest. This means you have to go outside the house and look for a mound of soil. Use an insecticide as a pest management materials or the borax solution to kill them.

Visit this nest the following morning, and repeat the steps again. You cannot kill ants by just pouring water, as some of them will live. You have to use commercial chemicals hiring pest control professionals or available over the counter borax. Also, make sure you also put some of the solution around the nest, as this will help capture the ants that are trying to get away within.

Looking For Residential Pest Control Service Near You?

Ants may not be as scary as mice or rats, but they are still pests. If you let them thrive, chances are you will start attracting different types of other species. Some types of ants will sting, and some people have a serious allergic reaction to it. As early as now, you want to get rid of them rather than wait for someone in your home to get hurt or have your house structure get damaged chewing thru your drywall if carpenter ants made their way in time.

For any reason that you tired multiple times to get rid of the pest problem and it’s not working, you can contact an environmentally friendly professional pest control company near you for effective pest control treatment as your professional exterminator for customized pest control program calling (289) 396-5426 or (905) 582-5502 This well known pest control company will provide effective program as a peace of mind seasonal home protection program for residential and business pest control that can really help with ants inspection as well as emergency ant removal  current and future infestations year round  quickly and professionally. Call Maximum Today To Help You get Rid of The Ant By Tomorrow!

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