Tips to Prevent House Ants from Infesting Your Home

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Ants are those little crawling tiny pests that many people all the time just ignore. To a point, they are left on their own until such time that they have nested in the premises of your home and formed a colony. By the time you realizes it, they are all over your food, your bed, and they have burrowed deep inside your walls and invited other pests inside your home that feeds on them, especially if you left your weep holes open around the structure of the outside house.

Before you call the ant exterminator in Oakville – Burlington ON, there could still be steps for you take to get rid of ants. Here, we will discuss some tips that you will find useful in winning your battle against these little pests that has just colonized your home.

What ants are you dealing with?

There are more than one hundreds species of ants. Dealing with each specie requires a different approach treatment. If you know the type, you can research further and use the right approach to bait them so they can take it back and kill each others. You will also know where they are likely to nest, and what kind of food they eat. For example, some ants eat sugar, while some prefer to scavenge meat.

If you are dealing with carpenter ants, then you know that they do not want your sugar or maple syrup. Instead, they will look for soft wood where they can build a nest. If you have this knowledge, you know that you need to get rid of soft wood to prevent carpenter ants from continuing breeding around your house structure.

Keep your house tidy clean

It takes only one scout ant to find food, and the rest of the troops will be coming over quickly. Every ant leaves a pheromone in its path line, therefore guiding the other ants where the lead ant is. Ants have an extraordinary sense of amazing smell. They can smell the food that dropped on the floor, or food that is in the garbage.

Below are some cleaning tips to do to eliminate Ants:

  • Wipe your cooking appliances and stoves
  • Pack all the food in tight jars
  • Do not use soft plastic bags as containers as ants can bit through them with their fangs
  • Clean the dining table, the cabinets, and sweep the floor
  • Keep the garbage outside your house
  • Eat in only one room; if possible, do not eat in your bedroom or washrooms as well as the basement of the house
  • Sweep all rooms before going to bed, mop them with a disinfectant and leave no food crumb behind anywhere else!

If you do these things, the ants will be stay out of your house. They only food source they would have is the garbage outside, so make sure you keep the outside garbage clean and tidy. don’t store any garbage inside the garage otherwise rats, mice and ants will visit you shortly after.

Use traps and chemicals to kill them

There are many ant traps available out there. Some come in granular, dust & liquid gelling form. Your goal is to have the ants visit these setup traps so they would ingest the poison and take it back.

You can also use sprays in your house. Spray them on the doorway, windows, or hollow areas in your walls, including the inside of the garage, where you suspect them to nest or hide. Make sure that you spray when no one is around, and only come back once the odor is gone. Don’t leave any wooden logs inside the garage it will attract all types of ants to nest and attack your inside home in time.


In severe cases, your best bet is to call the services of professional ant exterminator experts (905) 582-5502 These guys at Maximum Pest Control Services know how to identify the ants lurking in your walls, and they can provide the proper solution to your ant problem in Oakville Ontario.

There are many exterminators who can give you advice what to do. They usually give free consultation. Before they do their jobs, they will also help you understand why the ants have found a home in your house. They will tell you where they come from, and also find out where the ants are nesting.

Although their services entail a cost, it is really justified. Ants can invite other pests in your house, such as bats and garden centipedes that will invite spiders because they love to eat centipedes’ If there is an ant colony, it will attract these crawling predators which will also breed inside your home because they have a food source which is ants and your food. Contact Maximum Now (905) 582-5502

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