Ways To Control Carpenter Ants For Home And Business

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Carpenter ants are called so because of their strategy to build nests. They dig on wood and create tunnels. They do not eat wood, but they live inside them. Carpenter ants like and thrive on soft moist wood, especially when its rotted.

If you have an ants infestation, chances are there is a wood nearby where they have built a home. Getting rid of the wood may be the impulse reaction, but finding the actual nest can take time. Each colony can house up to 50,000 ants, and these are the ants that invade your house. Especially if you have a wooden deck in the backyard of the house.

Today, you will learn how to control these ants, along with some vital information to keep you informed about how they look like, when they multiply in numbers, and how to deal with them.

How do they look like?

Carpenter ants are usually half an inch long. Most of them are black, but do not be surprised to see red and brown variants.

In a carpenter ant colony, there is one queen. The queen is wingless, and this is the ant that creates what is called the swarmers. They stay in the colony during the winter and come out to infest your house after that. They usually appear in your house in May until August in preparation for the winter.

Swarmers are workers. These workers expel the debris from the wood where they built a tunnel. The wood they expel is like a shaving, and you will typically find these on the soil. These ants attack soft wood, so you need to start looking for areas that keep the wood moist and soft. Rotten wood is also their favorite home.

Sprays & Granular Combination To Get Rid Of Them

Before calling Ant expert control nearby, use products readily available to you in the market. An effective product to use is repellent air spray. Use this to kill those that are visible to you. You can also use granular fine baits that they would ingest and take to their colony, thereby reducing their population significantly.

Find Their Home and Destroy It

The other method is to find their nest. If you live in a house with a backyard or a lawn with trees, then this task is easy. You need to shake the trees one by one and wait if they come out. Swarmers that get disturbed will come out of their nests running around.

The other method is to throw away moist wood. If you have a garden and you keep rotting wood, like drift wood or huge barks, then chances are they made it into their home. Remember, look for moist wood.

Get Rid of What They like Eat

Carpenter ants eat a lot of things. They eat dead insects like termites, cockroaches, and many more. If you see any dead insect or animal, dispose of it right away. Put it in a garbage outside your house, not inside it. These type of ants also eat honey dew, meat, and other sweet foods. While maple syrup is not their primary favorite, carpenter ants will still eat sugary stuff that you spilled on the floor.

These three things should help you get rid of carpenter ants. If the problem is beyond what you can handle, or if you have no time to do it yourself, call the services of a carpenter Ant exterminator www.maximumpestcontrol.ca (905) 582-5502. Make sure that the one you call is a professional, complete with license and all. The benefit of doing this is that these qualified professionals know what they are doing. They will use baits that are safe for you, your children, and your pets. They will also attack the problem with a strategy, and give you helpful advice on how to prevent these ants from coming back to the house or business office.

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