Important Facts About Carpenter Ants

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[No homeowner probably wants to give pests access into their homes. Pests of all forms are pain in the neck. This is basically true with carpenter ants existing inside your home. One of the biggest ants normally located in the US and Canada carpenter ants are known for infesting and invading homes.

Once these insects are not identified early, they might lead to some serious destruction to the structure of a building. Even though there are lots of various species you will find around, two of the most typically found include the Florida carpenter ants and black carpenter ants.

Places Carpenter Ants Stay In

Basically, carpenter ants like better to build their nest within moist environment made of wood. When it comes to the indoors, these insects likely wish to nest within bathroom tiles, decayed wood, behind siding, sink, attic beams, in attic, walls, tubs, showers, dishwashers and insulation or empty spaces like curtain rods, doors and wall voids. Outdoors, carpenter ants normally find tree stumps, tree roots, rotting trees and logs lying or buried in the ground being the finest places.

Foods These Ants Consume

Just like many insects, carpenter ants may consume an extensive range of food sources based on the places and the location where they stay. Indoors, they may feed on jelly, syrup, sugar, honey, meats and sweets, which contain sugar and protein, while in outdoor environment, they may consume dead as well as living insects. A certain important point to keep in mind is that even though carpenter ants bring damages to wood, they do not eat them.


Once the invasion of carpenter ants arises, there could be some serious structural damage to a building as they would pass through the wood, creating galleries in it. This may eventually result in serious destruction to the property.

How to Prevent Carpenter Ants Invasion

Make sure to take the precautionary action before carpenter ants invade your property. Preventing the infestation is always a wise choice. In order to effectively avoid carpenter ants invasion in your home, daily visual inspection is required. To enforce that, make sure to work with the proper list of plans and steps. The following may give you some ideas:

  • Lessen or get rid of any potential passage for carpenter ants to get into your home. When tree branches reach your home siding or roofing, cut them down, preventing their direct contact.
  • Check out all forms of openings where wires, pipes or any other things that enter and connect to the house. Ensure that they are securely and tightly sealed. Fix any outdoor water tap leak or plumbing.
  • Never delay fixing of any crack to any foundation because, in a way or another, these pests have the capability to locate them faster than you do.
  • When you have to bring in firewood to your home, inspect them and ensure that they are risk-free from carpenter ants. Stack them in an elevated space with the non-organic material.

Make sure to consider these important points when you want to keep both your home and your business free from the destructive presence of carpenter ants. Maximum pest control can deliver a specific proactive program that will ensure and enhance production management. Call Us (905) 582-5502 for our Industrial, Commercial, Residential pest control programs available in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Niagara, Guelph, Branford

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