New Tips On How To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Carpenter Ants

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Carpenter ants build nests in woods making homes an ideal choice for that. The only good thing about it is that these ants do not eat the wood. They simply make it as their nest. The thing is, it is still necessary for these pests to be removed in order to protect the structure of your home. It must also be remembered that the ants can get into the food you eat, even the water source, making it more of a necessity to get rid of them. If you are wondering just how you can do that task effectively, here is a guide you can work with!

  • Start by Finding the Nest

It is the first step you need to take, but it would help to recognize the ants before starting your search. To know whether you are dealing with carpenter ants or not, you need to know how they look. These ants have three body segments and six legs. They can be in brown or black. You should not confuse them with termites. Also, worker ants do not feature wings as only those that are reproducing have it. The carpenter ants feature bent antennas as well and are commonly seen walking in long tails.

You will know if there are carpenter ants living on your furniture or home especially if made of woods if you see “Smooth Frass” present in the surrounding area. It appears as a sawdust-like material, which is the end product that ants produce when they bore in the wood. This is the sign you need to watch out for since it can only mean that these ants are present within your house. Check your furniture for damages like holes or slits. Woods that are slightly damp are favored by these big ants for their home. Once you see a trail of them, make sure to follow them to their nest. Proceed to removing it if it the nest is within reach. If not, proceed to the next step.

  • Get Rid of Them By Luring The Ants Out

It can be done with the use of honeydew, sugary fruit or sugar. Place it near their nest. Just remember that this process may take some time.

  • Use a Toxic Bait

This type of bait is perfect if it the nest is beyond reach or hidden. The bait can be mixed with sugar, milk or water. Place it close to the nest. It needs to be slow-acting so that the ants can completely bring it to their nests without the carrier dying. The process can take up to 3 days before it is completed.

Please note that it is not ideal to spray insecticide. It only warns the rest of the ants of the coming attack. The tendency is they might just start looking for another home leaving the problem still not resolved.

  • Use Direct Dusting

Dust solutions can also be applied directly on the wood’s surface where the ants walk. It works better if it is poured on the nest. Just keep in mind that there are different dust solutions and each of these requires different applications. Hence, it is vital to follow the instructions well. A good example of this is the diatomaceous, which is a type of dust that is not toxic to humans. The solution can be bought from companies offering pest control or it can be ordered online. However, you may find yourself allergic to it making it necessary to ask for help.

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