The Best Top 3 Methods To Control Chipmunks

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In general, chipmunks add to the excitement and enjoyment of being outside due to their curious, alert and very playful characteristics. This is also one of the main reasons why they are appreciated and adored by the public. However, when they become numerous, they also become pests. They often dig up newly planted bulbs and seeds or even attack cultivated seeds, fruits or stones.

When these animals move into an urban setting, they can also become very destructive due to their common burrow activities, especially when done around structures. Such damage calls for an investment in removal and control in order to protect the overall structural integrity of patios, decks, stairs and foundations.

Proper Management and Control of Chipmunks

When they become pests, some homeowners consider several methods to eliminate them. Some of these methods include the following:

  • Trapping: this is the most preferred method of controlling chipmunks, especially where there are only a small number of these creatures present. Other homeowners opt for a multi-catch mousetrap that works well in controlling these animals. Trapping is also a safe method to use.

However, you need to be very careful in using or placing traps to avoid possible injury to pets, to children and to other non-target species. Some of the recommended bait materials include nutmeats, rolled oats or corn, peanut butter and sunflower seeds or pumpkin.

  • Poisoning: another efficient chipmunk control agent is poisoned grain. However, this must be handled carefully in order to avoid any danger to livestock, pets, children and wildlife. You need to ensure that you use a labeled poisoned grain for use on these creatures. This type of method is often used against a large number of chipmunks.
  • Shooting: If you are allowed to carry a firearm, you can use a .22 rifle to control chipmunks. You will have a more effective hunting experience in the early morning or late afternoon. However, keep in mind that this isn’t legal within the city limits and it presents various safety concerns.

Why do you Need Chipmunks Control?

When chipmunks invade your business or home, they can actually cause great damages. They tend to destroy insulation in walls and attics and chew on wires inside buildings. When they are outside, they tend to damage construction gaps, gutters and siding by chewing holes. Chipmunks control is vital to prevent these problems from happening.

Among the three chipmunks management methods mentioned above, the most effective one is trapping them. The right professionals and skilled chipmunk control experts are offering services to eliminate them in your home or business. These professionals will set traps in order to catch them. They also monitor every hole that these animals make to make sure that there is no any chipmunk that will come and go. Once they have removed all the chipmunks from your house or building, they will seal all the entry points. If you’ve been hearing some scratching sounds in your business or home, pest control professionals can be of paramount help. Searching for pest control Mississauga services? The leading provider of pest control Brampton can help exterminate any pests from your home and business.

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