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Contact Maximum Pest Control Services for Skunk Removal Service Oakville Ontario. Offering Free detailed Inspection with 3 years guarantee on all wildlife jobs. Our specialist technicians licensed through the Toronto Ministry.  We been in business for many years and have successfully completed many wildlife jobs.

Skunk Restraining from your property or business?

Skunks cant climb up. They are good ground diggers and will try to concur under whatever provides security to them. Typically areas are concrete slabs, sheds and decks .

Our trained technicians do a comprehensive review of the problem will come out to your own property and provide you with detailed full free inspection. The steps follows placing a customized doors as a shield. Once leaving searching for something to eat at night time but when they return they’ll not be able to get back in from the exterior. Once skunk aware that no opportunity to enter back, they not worry about finding other local places and will pick up. Skunks often has up to 4 sites in their land in case if something happen to one of them.

Trap or No Trap?

Sometimes it’s important to trap a skunk although not recommended. They are somehow cautious against traps, traps could lead attractant to other wildlife animals such as raccoons or opossum trying to find a spot to call home even should you catch the skunk . Causing more risk for additional wild animal entry,  especially if the property has many holes for skunk to get through. skunks look for food at night which ensures that our customized traps may have removed the skunk same day when they leave for looking for meals. Maximum pest control special custom door trapping is way faster than any other old methods out there . Wildlife exclusion when used correctly it enables skunks to no longer for re entry. Other trapping could cause a stress especially when skunk get live trapped in a cage for a while.

Skunk Bio

Striped Skunks are animals that exists among north America. they are known to jet spray a strong smelly odor especially when face danger. Normally weighs about 5 kg. Urban places is skunk favorite to dwell and continuously eat. They are solo animals raising babies alone for about 8 weeks before venturing outside during the nighttime using their mom as a learning guidance and usually born in May. By following early spring will abandon their mommy beginning a new life in search of what’s the future will unfold.

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