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Rats once caused the massive death of 375 million people. That is right. 375 million people died during the Bubonic Plague in Europe. Rats were everywhere, and they infested even ships, which spread out the disease-carrying vermin all across Europe cities.

Surely, you do not want rats in your house or business place. Seeing one of these should jolt you into the realization that they are now with us here, on your property, and that they welcome back and been accepted.

Rats nest where they can hide. They can be in the sewers, in between your walls, your basement, or your attic. Wherever they are, you need to take action, and you need to take it fast. If you leave them alone, they will breed and by the time you know it, you can no longer control the situation what so ever.

Today, we will share with your some tips on how you can control your rat problem before you even call a rat exterminator. Let us get on with it and start with tip number 1.

Keep Food Sources Away

Rats need food and water to survive. And because rats are smart, they can access your food. If you think you have tucked a pack of chips safely in your cupboard, you are making a mistake. Rats have sharp teeth that can gnaw on packaging.

You must put your food inside a refrigerator, or a cupboard that is tightly closed. If you cannot do this, you have to buy thick plastic containers with an air-tight lid. Not only will this prevent the rats from smelling the food, they also cannot chew through it.

Do Not Give Them a Home

Rats do not just nest inside your house, they also nest outside. If you have old, junk cars in your garage, chances are they will use that as a habitat the same is true with piled cardboard boxes in your storage room, lumber, and other things where they could hide. If you have heavy vegetation, they will also use that as a hiding place.

The best thing to do is to either throw them away, or clean them up. Pile your boxes at least eighteen inches above the ground so they cannot easily access the boxes. Clean the junk cars and do not leave any gaps or holes in the upholstery.

Use Baits and Traps

You have to do this the hard way. There are many types of baits out there, so use one that has a design that will serve your situation. Traps are great if you know how to use them, and also if you are prepared to dispose of the rats yourself.

When setting taps, try not to touch the trap because the rats can smell you. And if they do, they will not touch your traps. Put them in secluded places that are not disturbed by pets and humans. And most importantly, be patient.

You need to be in control of you rat problem. If you ignore them, they will breed and infest not just your home, but your neighbors’ homes, too. They will damage your property, eat at the electrical wires and cause fire, and also bring harmful bacteria and viruses.

If you get bit, or worse, one of your children get bit, you will risk infections like rabies and other diseases. Although the rats themselves do not cause death, they certainly are carriers of bacteria and viruses that cause death.

If you think you need a rat infestation expert, then do not hesitate and call one. It is much better to spend a little today than spend a fortune alter on. Do some online shopping, make inquiries, and get fee consultation services, then decide whose service best fits your budget and needs.

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