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Pigeons are becoming as a serious metropolitan pest control problem. they frequently breed and roost in large groups,landing on all different roofs and balconies, they produce huge amounts of feces behind. property managers and house owners, need to be concerned about pigeon problems:

  1. Costly damage to your property resource – the buildup of feces on structures tend to erode metal, wood and stone and leaving disgusting look.
  2. Pigeons are associated with diseases and can pose a health risk all around by carrying different parasites; Bed Bugs,Ticks, fleas, mites.
  3. A disease that trigger Histoplasmosis having a fungus that evolves in pigeon waste which could be anywhere and moved by wind. By breathing in the fungus, people can become infected. Signs and signs and symptoms of fatigue, fever and chest pains can be shown roughly week after initial infection. People with vulnerable natural protection tend to be susceptible to developing histoplasmosis in the future.
  4. Cryptococcosis is an additional disease triggered by pigeon waste. Once again, a substantial risk factor is perfect for individuals who’ve an insufficient defense systems.
  5. Pigeons carry over 40 different kinds of Parasites and host internally 60 types of infectious illnesses Pigeons and birds a like are a perfect system for spreading diseases because they travel to different places and leave a waste behind which can effect your family and pets with illnesses.

Likely answer is a Pest Control Specialist from our team can help implement changes to handle pigeons problems by keeping pest birds OUT. Specialized solutions to pest bird infestation, keep Pigeons out and exclude them from roosting and nesting near you.

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