Pest Control Treatment During The Fall Season

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Fall season happens after a long month of winter.  You may be happy that you can now finally go out of the house without experiencing too much cold but this is also the time where you will be pestered by house pests. This is the time where pests such as carpenter ants, rodents, cluster flies, spiders, queen bees, lady bugs and many other pests come out and look for a safe and warm shelter. If your house in particular will be their choice of residence, well, for sure, this will give you a problem to handle, most significantly, because when these pests habituate in your home, they can cause unexpected structural damage.  

  • Different Pests During Fall Season Rodents like rats and mice tend to look for a refuge during winter and fall season. They can generate themselves in a four to seven pups every litter along with the nineteen days of gestation period. A female rodent can usually produce five to ten litters throughout her lifetime. These pups can become mature sexually as early as six to ten weeks after they are born which only mean can rapidly populate and grow themselves in an unimaginable manner. Typically, these rodents love to gnaw on tear insulation and electrical wirings.
  • They as well contaminate food and leave off unpleasant odors. When the temperature starts to drop in the months of fall season, another pest, which is the ants, would seek for shelter. Ants, carpenter ants in particular, can create their colonies and can remain active inside your home. They can establish breeding galleries inside woods which can cause household owners to acquire severe structural damages if this problem will only be left behind and not solved immediately.Usually, a hornet and wasps, yellow jacket or a queen bee can remain at your home during and after winter. They will establish themselves in void walls and the attic. Carpenter bees may also lay inactive during the winter and they awake themselves in the spring time. They can drill holes in the home’s wood structure while the queen bee can use your home to be a laying area and also establish their own new colonies.  Occasional invaders such as lady bugs, spiders and cluster flies can as well enter your home during fall season.
  • Preventive Treatment To Get Away with These Pests Sealing of structural gaps, doing thorough inspections and using organic or conventional treatments can help you solve and control this pest problem during the fall season. During this time, start cleaning up your home. There is also a program called the IPM or the Integrated Pest Management which refers to a way which homeowners are compelled to do preventive treatments encompassing their entire home. The preventive treatments included in here are sealing up holes and cracks around your home’s foundations, cutting back bushes and trees that are touching your home,  covering garbage bins and keeping fire woods away from the house.
  • Moreover, if you have an exclusive and professional pest control service provider, they can advise you on how to employ correct IPM to its most useful way along with the use of organic or conventional solutions to be able to eradicate the problem of pest inside your home. This will aid you to ensure a home free from any new pests trying to invade.

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