How to Catch Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen

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Catching Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen

Keeping fruits on the kitchen counter can invite un-welcomed guests like fruit flies that are not easy to get rid of. Anything that’s fermenting will draw these pests in like vegetables, fruits, dirty rags, mops and even alcohol. If there’s anything like this in your house, they’ll be attracted to it. Fruit flies originally do originate from outside, but will immediately create a new place for themselves inside your home if you are not careful, particularly if there are some changes in temperature and it starts to get colder outside.

Once these tiny flies find the best spot, they can lay up to five hundred eggs. These eggs can change into adult fruit flies in just a few hours. Fruit flies only have a life span of 10 days, so they develop very fast from eggs to larvae and then to adult flies. They can also smell anything fermenting from far distances away. Before you freak out and move out of your house, try these traps to catch these pests and get rid of them fast.

  • Soda Bottle

Cut the soda bottle’s top about 1/3 down. Place a ripe fruit at the base of the bottle and put the part you just cut on top in an upturned position. In order for the top to remain in place, tape it into the bottle. The flies will enter the bottle through the upturned top and will not be capable of finding a way out.

  • Funnel

Find a clean soda bottle or milk jug. Roll a piece of paper to a cone and top it for it not to unravel. Put a fruit inside the bottle or jug and then put the cone on top. Tape the cone in place if you want. The flies will go in, but won’t be able to get out.

  • Jar

Put a ripe fruit at the bottom of the jar. punch tiny several small holes into the lid then screw it on your jar. Put the jar near where most fruit flies gather. You will be surprised with the number of flies that will crawl into the holes just to get to the fruit. Sadly for them, they will not be able to get out of it and enter your kitchen as you’ll throw them and the fruit outside.

  • Bag

Find a bag which can be closed tightly at the top. Put some fruit inside of it such as an apple, grape or tomato. Close the bag’s top, but make sure to leave a gap of one inch. Ensure the open part is up so that the flies can enter the bag. Check it regularly and when the flies are already inside, just take the bag outside of your house and empty it. Do the process again to continue trapping all the fruit flies.

  • Plastic Wrapped Bowl

Get a bowl and pour some fruit juice into it. Cover it with plastic wrap and poke a few holes on the top.  When flies climb into the bowl through these holes, just pour out the flies and juice outside.

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