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The existence of pests and insects sometimes relies on the environment especially with the weather as a great factor. Warm weather during summer, to the surprise of many, can result to the increase of population of pests. Though the ecosystem demands a warm weather, it’s sad to think that it is during these times that we are visited by outdoor insects.

Though insects usually find ways to buildings through holes and spaces and for building up of colonies, other invades through resources. These insects are called perimeter invaders. Perimeter invader includes arthropods that are active in the environment. Instead of establishing colony and laying egg at our houses or offices, they reproduce their young ones outdoors. Rather than using colony as their breeding spot, they prefer to seek a place such as water spot or in food-stuffed areas. With these as their breeding place, they can reproduce rapidly.

Earwigs are insects with long slender flat bodies with the size ranging from 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm. They are brownish in color. Earwigs are nocturnal pests. They are most active at night while they hide themselves in damp areas during the day away from sunlight. They are known for their unique characteristics which is the presence of large pincers on their abdomen. They only use their pincers to defend themselves from predators. They can cause irritations and allergies to susceptible.

Centipedes are pest known for their multiple legs which ranges from 15-180 pairs. While earwigs are not quite harmful to humans, centipedes are, they secrete venom that can be harmful to humans, though not fatal. They are commonly found in damp locations such as in the bathroom. Centipedes are carnivorous, that means they are meat- eating pests. Humans who get a good sting from centipedes get an extreme painful feeling. Plus, they can cause allergic reactions.

Millipedes, in contrast to centipedes have a large number of legs but unlike centipedes,they have two pairs of legs in one body segment. Though their name denotes thousand feet, the number of feet of millipede ranges between 11 and 375 pairs. Millipedes secrete foul smelling substance which irritates their prey and may cause allergy to human. In worst human cases, this substance can burn if in contact with the eyes.

To prevent infestation from the sited pests, here are some of the precautionary measures. Start by ensuring the perimeter of the houses. Should keep your surroundings debris-free, clean leaves and grasses. It is advisable to have compost pin away from houses. These pest favorite spot, damp areas are to be monitored regularly. If the problems on these insect causes a lot of stress every day, consult for a local pest control company that will do the honour of getting rid of these harmful pests from your home. They are expert in analyzing pest nature and methods for pest control termination.

Though warm weather is what human prefer, we should be cautioned that pest are active during summer warm days. Pests are not to be ignored for they can cause damage we might never expect. Even the least problem, if attention is not paid will be disastrous later.

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