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Company: Maximum Pest Control Services

Address: 96 kenilworth ave N, unit A, Hamilton ON L8H 4R5 Canada


Phone: (289) 396-5426

Fax: (289) 396-5591


Maximum Pest Control Launches A Website to Provide Quality Pest Extermination Services to Large Scope of Clients!

Maximum Pest Control has recently launched its website to provide quality pest extermination services to a large scope of clients locally around Ontario, Canada. The company is known to have been servicing lots of homeowners and businesses since year 2008. With their years of expertise and wildlife experience, they are sure to deliver structural extermination services.

It is known that pest control is generally needed. Pests usually have major contribution to business faulty operations. For offices, pests such as rats, bugs and rodents can damage important files. For this, getting a professional pest exterminator is of great help in achieving good company operation. At home, getting rid of all possible pests is of great help in having an overall healthy environment. This also helps in avoiding possible diseases that family members could get when exposed to pests.

To date, there are lots of homes and business that needs pest extermination from time to time. With this, there are also lost of service providers that exist in the market. With the overwhelming choice people have, many experience a hard time of picking the best service provider as most of them claims that they are the best. In this connection, Maximum Pest Control features only the top of the best pest extermination services their clients could have with a lot of CARE!

Maximum Pest Control has been characterized as one of the best service providers in the market when it comes to getting rid of home and business pests. They deliver fast 24/7 wildlife, bedbugs as well as all kind of pest extermination services. With their new website, clients could have the convenience when availing the company’s services. They do not have to travel across town and look for a good pest extermination service provider as they could generally transact with company through its business site.

The company is known to use innovative methods when it comes to rendering their pest extermination services. They guarantee customers with their Eco-friendly and safe pest solutions. They provide comprehensive pest management services around Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and Niagara in Ontario Canada.


“I used many different pest control services in the past but nothing comes close to the professionalism of Maximum pest control service, they are prompt, caring & good listeners. They came and listened to what I had to say, they moved the fridge and stove. Sealed and sprayed and advised me on what to do keeping things calm 4 weeks later my problem has been gone and I sleep worry free!” Mark Wayne, Building Manager, Oakville, Ontario.

For more information on Maximum Pest Control services, feel free to visit the company’s official website at

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