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Contact Maximum Pest Control Services for centipedes pest control service Free inspection detailed in Oakville and Burlington. Our specialist team technicians licensed through the Toronto Ministry of Environment. Have successfully completed many centipede treatment jobs with happy different clients.

House centipedes have long, flattened bodies, which may quantify as lengthy as 1-1/2″ long. The title centipede, which means “100 legs,” can be fairly deceptive: centipedes carry anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs. The arthropods have 15 sections, and each features one pair of legs. Their legs are thin, very long, and threadlike and have white and black banding. female centipedes final pair of legs is a lot more than twice so long . Yellowish brown body with three darkish stripes running across the very top of the body. They will have big, well-produced eyes.

Habitat & Diet of Centipedes

When house centipedes get in the dwelling they can be generally present in cellars, baths, the kitchen, drains or garage and crawlspace. It’s common to find out house centipedes that were trapped inside tub or a sink. Outside, they are going to be found under leaf litter, in stacks of fire-wood or in protected crevices in tree-bark or stone.


House centipedes raven on many home soft tissue pests. A few of these favorite prey contain, moths, flies, roaches, crickets, silverfish, earwigs and little spiders, however they are going to predate on just about any insect pests. Nevertheless, their predation makes just a marginal lowering of the populations of the insects they prey upon. House centipedes catch prey by using their legs that are altered to provide venom to the quarry and grasping them making use of their legs. Home centipedes seldom bite people or animals and largely favor attempting to escape scenarios that are endangering unless triggered to protect themselves. Additionally, even though home centipede venom isn’t as hazardous as their stings as well as some seldom cause any results that are severe. Some people may experience acute pain, although minimum, localized malady is usually caused by stings. Nevertheless, serious sting effects tend to be prone to be caused by secondary disease compared to sting itself.

Life Cycle

Females centipedes lay about or more than 35 eggs in moist ground throughout the summer or spring months. Larvae hatch in the eggs when created, and have four pairs of legs. Legs grow as each goes through periods or six instars. Home centipedes carry big wide eyes and centipede house female could live as much as 3 years.

How to Identify Centipedes Infestation

Centipedes usually make no immediate proof other than being seen rock climbing on walls or ceilings or immediately running across flooring and being noticed in a sink or bathtub.

More Info

If home centipedes become a difficulty, the most effective strategy would be to seek support and the guidance of your centipede pest control service specialist. Your pest management professional discover the most likely resources of the populace and will execute a treatment. Using some sticky traps to monitor for centipedes action, but will definitely suggest the home-owner on which could be carried out update exceptions for real and potential points of entry and to reduce damp states.

Recommendations that exterior areas will comprise by removing clogged litter that functions as home centipede habitat. Removing insect live or dead species from the house using strong vacuum hose is a powerful natural management strategy because centipedes rely eating on soft insects like flies – cockroaches, eating other centipedes, silverfish along with other arthropods. That is why, it is essential to spot pests inside properties and homes as a primary inspection source of food for centipedes and target these pests utilizing both non- chemical vacuuming floors regularly and washing dust away  and chemical control procedures as suitable for the scenario.

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