6 Questions to Always Bring Up Before You Sign Your Pest Control Contract

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When you sign a pest control contract, there are many essential details to know and consider. Your life and the health of your family depend on it! And yet, most pest control contracts are poorly written and often contain vague language. This makes it easy for companies to take advantage of customers with poor arrangements or who don’t read them closely enough. Here are six things you should always ask before signing that giving contract:

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How often are you available to serve?

One of the most important things to consider when signing a pest control contract is how often you will provide service. Many pest control companies will only come out once every few months, but this may not be enough for people with many pests’ problems.

If you want someone to come out once every fortnight or weekly, that should be considered in your contract. It is also important to note whether or not you can cancel at any time with no penalty or fee. If this is the case, it might be better for you to work with a company that offers more frequent service than those that do not have such options.

What kind of guarantees do you offer?

It would help if you always asked for a guarantee. It can be as simple as a money-back guarantee or as detailed as a no-hassle policy where you won’t have to pay more if there is another types of infestation. Other types of guarantees include:

  • Free inspections or maintenance every year or every time there is an infestation. If you have animals or children, these inspections are crucial!
  • A warranty that covers pests for a certain period after treatment is complete; protects you from unexpected expenses if something goes wrong with the treatment.
  • A guarantee that if any part of the contract is violated (for example, if the technician doesn’t do what he said he’d do), the client can cancel without additional costs.

No matter what kind of guarantee you’re looking for, you should ensure that it addresses the correct issues. If a company has been in business for years, it has seen many problems and knows how to handle them properly. You should also check the Google reviews of their customer’s feedback to see what other people liked or disliked about them.

What kinds of chemicals will you be using?

You should be aware of the types of chemicals used by your pest control company. It’s also important to know how they’re applied, and precautions taken during use.

Ask about any potential allergens in the chemicals used for your pest control needs. For example, some companies may use a chemical spray that can harm your pets or children, while others may use less toxic sprays or traps. The more you know about this service aspect, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

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The same goes for pesticides—you want to ensure they’re stored safely and disposed of properly after use so they don’t contaminate groundwater or harm wildlife (or people). Some pesticides must be tested regularly before being allowed on shelves because their effectiveness could vary depending on weather conditions or other factors like temperature changes over time.

Others require approval from government agencies such as EPA & MOE before being sold in stores nationwide. Still, some have been deemed safe enough for consumers’ consumption but may need periodic testing since there hasn’t been enough research yet about the long-term effects of ingesting them regularly over the years at high doses!

Do you offer emergency services?

You should also make sure that your company offers emergency services. Emergency services are a huge selling point for pest control companies.

If there’s an urgent issue, you want to know that they will be able to come out quickly and get the problem fixed.

You should know that some companies charge extra in emergencies or if they have to come out in the middle of the night. This means that if you have a problem with pests in your home, you may be charged more than what was stated in your original contract.

Pest control companies often provide emergency services as part of their service package or as an add-on when performing routine inspections. The best thing to do would be to ask about this before signing your agreement, so there are no surprises later on down the road when required.

What pests are covered in your basic service?

It would be best if you also asked what pests are covered in your basic service. For example, if you have a house with many trees and shrubs, then they must be treated for bugs like spiders and ants. If there’s an ant problem in your yard this season, ask if it will be covered by the pest control company’s primary service package.

If there is an issue with termites or wood-destroying organisms (WDO), be sure to address those issues by asking about those pests specifically since they can cause structural damage to homes over time—and this could cost more than just treating them!

What happens if I you cancel the contract, or it expires?

The contract between the client and the pest control provider is a legally binding document that outlines the terms of your relationship. It’s essential to understand what happens when this contract expires so that both parties know their rights and responsibilities.

The first thing you should do is check your current contract’s fine print to see if any changes will affect your bottom line. One of the biggest ones is the length of time that a specific type of pest control service can provide the terms of your contract. For example, suppose you’re only paying for spraying services but need more frequent visits than what’s allowed by your current agreement. In that case, it’s probably best for both parties if you negotiate an extension with your provider.

Another thing to look out for is whether or not there are any additional fees associated with cancelling, extending or renewing an existing pest control agreement. Some companies may charge extra money for these services, and others might not charge anything, but it’s worth checking before signing anything!


Hopefully, this article helped you understand what to look for when signing your next pest control contract. Ask all of these questions before signing! Remember, the key is making sure you’re getting the best deal possible without any surprises later on.


A company willing to work with you on pricing and answer your questions is likely a company that puts its customer satisfaction above all else. Find someone else if it doesn’t do at least half of these six things! Are You Looking for Pest Control Company in Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton? Contact Maximum by calling today (905) 582-5502.



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