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Cockroaches are some of the most common pests that can get a foothold in any home, food preparation facility, or storage space where they can not only survive but thrive. Understanding the behavior, lifecycle, habits and preferences of this notorious pest cockroach can allow you to prevent infestation, or make it easier to control an infestation because the focus must be to eliminate the source.

Cockroaches have thousands of sub-species but the ones found in homes around Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Scarborough and Hamilton Ontario fall under few distinct species.

Cockroach Infestation Must NOT Be Ignored

Cockroaches are thought to be less dangerous than other pests like rats, other rodents, or bed bugs. This may be due to the fact that they mostly come out when it is dark and seem easy to ignore as they scurry into their hiding places. But cockroaches can be just as deadly as any other dangerous pest because they can be hosts to an array of devastating bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella, and Streptococcus.

One of the main reasons Cockroaches carry different bacteria strains is because they dwell in drains or gutters and from there move into homes and food preparation areas. They also bite parts of food items, defecate as well as devour other cockroaches. For commercial businesses throughout Ontario (or elsewhere for that matter), a cockroach infestation is particularly troubling because an infestation can even result in business shut down by health authorities, or worse yet develop a bad reputation amongst existing or potential customers because roaches are just disgusting.


How Cockroaches Think!

There are certain aspects of a human dwelling that appeal to the cockroach way of life, such as warmth and protection from the harsh elements. Some cockroach species prefer a drier spot to breed in while others prefer humidity, dark and damp spaces like a basement or closed-off storage area. Cockroaches also prefer spots behind your oven or under your fridge because they tend to have warm air circulating and food sources nearby. Pipes and sinks as well as central heating vents also are great hiding places for cockroaches because they understand the importance of not being seen.

A cockroach infestation can be spotted by food emitting odor (or storage spaces emitting odor like cabinets or boxes), skins that are shed or broken wings can also be found near nests, and depending on the season, cockroach eggs can also be spotted by a trained eyed (Maximum Pest Control Services pest control experts are highly trained to prevent and eliminate cockroach infestation).

Lifecyle of a Cockroach

Cockroaches have a three-step lifespan from Egg to Nymph to Adult. An average adult cockroach can live about 200 days with the gestation period of the egg being 28 days or 2 months in certain species. This allows them to breed exponentially and increase their population rapidly especially if they have ready access to warmth and food sources (such as in a home kitchen, laundry or underneath bathrooms). That means, once invasion occurs, you’ll continue experiencing cockroach problems unless its dealt with.

Easy to Use Cockroach Preventative Tips

Remember that cockroach infestations do not happen over night, that means, having a thorough strategy that focuses on preventative measures can save you time and money. Although its advisable to contact and hire a professional pest control company to clear out large scale cockroach infestation, you can still consider these:

  • Never allow trash (especially food-related waste) to accumulate in or outside your property for long periods of time. Wherever possible, use two layers of disposal bags for food waste so that its odor is minimized and it does not attract pests. Keep garbage bins away from your home and empty indoor bins as often as possible, wipe (inside and outside) clean bins with a high-grade disinfectants regularly.
  • Keep kitchen and food preparation areas clear of dishes and food residue as well as sweep and sanitize the floors in such spaces regularly.
  • Do a thorough check of vents, entryways, openings under doors or near window to make sure it is not easy for cockroaches to gain entry in to the premises. Inspect pipes and drains (if you can access underneath the property, then, thoroughly check for water leakage in such places as well.).
  • Leaks in pipes or faucets can also create a damp environment which is ideal for pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches, make sure you deal with any water leake issues in a timely manner.
  • Sticky cockroach traps near laundry or washing machines, pipes, drains, doors, and other cockroach-preferred areas can also help dealing with an infestation.

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