The Possibility of Bed Bugs Spread from Felines and Dogs

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The epidemic of bed bugs is uncontrollable and that is why it is very vital that you are fully acquainted what is the role of home pets in drawing and spreading bed bugs. You can ask yourself; do you think a bedbug can bite your cat or dog? Can pets transmit bed bugs from the house yard into the inside of your home? Or are home pets prone to infestations of bed bugs? Do not worry now because bed bugs are not interested with pets waste and food. 

Bed bugs suck blood and they firmly prefer to suck up blood from human rather than animal because it is difficult for them to take out fluid from animal furs. However, any animal that is warm blooded and residing in your home can play as a magnet to attract bed bugs out of their hiding place and scatter them to places inside your house.

To stop this from happening and the worst scenario that could happen inside your home because of these pestering bed bugs, there are precautionary measures that you can do. Below is a guide if you want to get rid of the drawing and distribution of bed bugs in home personal premises. Make sure that you simply deal to each and every detail of this guide so that you cannot only get rid of bed bugs; you also save money on extermination costs.

  1. Limit the portions where your pet(s) sleep. As they can be used as a formula for bed bugs to spread themselves in areas of your house. During bedtime, crate your pets in a well-secured area where they can sleep. Also spray this pet bed using cedar oil and every 2-3 weeks, refresh the treatment. If the pet beds have already been infested by bed bugs, wash them with hot water or if you like, discard them immediately to avoid further spreading of the infestation.
  2. Prevent from using commercial bedbug treatments for they can be dangerous to your animal’s health and ineffective to its purpose sometimes.
  3. Keep watch of your house belongings. Always lift edges of carpets, study wall and ceiling seams and remove moldings. Because anything can be a hiding place for bed bugs, do check your headboard’s back, your child’s toys, pictures frames and all things inside the home.
  4. Move away your bed from the nightstand or wall. Remember that any portion of the bed which touches a piece of furniture can be a trail for crawling bed bugs.
  5. From time to time and if necessary, thoroughly vacuum and immediately throw away the vacuum bag to prevent the bed bugs from escaping and returning home.
  6. Spray anti-bed bugs on chairs and couches, especially their cushions and crevices. If you are sure the living room is filled with bed bugs, spray the underside area and cavity of your couches to liberally execute bed bugs sneaking in there out.
  7. Make certain that your bed sheets, blankets, covers or mattresses are not left hanging on the sides of the bed. Moreover, do not forget touch the floor because bed bugs commonly latch onto the corners of the blanket that touches the floor. Also spray cedar oil underneath the bed and over the carpet.
  8. Spray the insides of your bedroom drawers. Also pay attention to seams, beveled edges and any cracks and crevices.
  9. To avoid future infestation, use zippered mattresses encasement and put spring covers in a sealed box. On the tiny gaps where the zipper close and open, put on duct tape. Keep mind that bed bugs can break in zipper clasps easily from these unrelenting blood-suckers.

Paying attention to details and following this guide above is a very effective precautionary measure to keep out bed bugs infestation and pestering inside the home. Do Business with your Local Pest Control Guy. Maximum Pest Control company Hometown Heroes. Bed bugs and Fleas Extermination – 24/7 emergency Service – Call Maximum Today and Sleep Well Tonight, or Schedule a FREE Site Inspection.

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