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Ants, cockroaches, mouse, rodents and insects are homeowners worst fear once there is an infestation. Also, while rats and mice may seem cute due to many cartoon characters created by Disney Studios (i.e Ratatouille movie), all our valued clients calling us for exterminating and removing rats nearby Mississauga do not think these pests are adorable, instead consider them disgusting.

All uninvited pests are not liked by people, period. And there is just so much you can do by yourself to get rid of Rats. Its important to have in place a thorough integrated pest control measures because not only pests are a threat to human health, infestation may also give rise to several serious health problems. Worse yet, chewing away with their sharp teeth, they can also damage the exterior and interior of the property.

What usually happens when the thought of a rodent (rat) infestation arises is the conditions in which they live, such as sewer drains or rubbish tips. Just as you wouldn’t handle fire using your bare hands, controlling pests should be left to professionals such as Maximum Pest Control Services

Damage Rodents Rats Mice Can Cause

You can think of Rodents as having two distinct species that needs controlling. One is the one found in (or nearby) urban properties. And the other is wild rodents (cotton rats, rice rats in the southeastern United States and other parts of Canada, and the white-footed mouse and the red-backed vole). There are many other types of Rodents out there, but regardless of which species, they pose serious risks to humans. Here are some facts about Rats:

Rats Can Spread Diseases

Some diseases caught through rats and mice can prove fatal. Rats can transmit diseases by direct contact with their saliva, urine and faeces. These diseases can also be transmitted via rat-bite, which can cause severe side effects if they are not treated rapidly.

Highly Adapted to Water

Rodents can swim, in fact, they can swim really well, also live in water for up to three days (some rodent species are called water rats). Just imagine seeing a rat inside a toilet bowl, even if you were to flush it down with water, they can still swim through your plumbing system. That’s scary, and there has been countless reports throughout Greater Toronto Area including Burlington, Scarborough, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton where rats were spotted nearby water.

Can Rats Cause House Fires?

Unfortunately, yes. Because of their razor-sharp teeth, they can also damage pipes and cause costly plumbing problems. Rats can bite and gnaw powerfully, this is because of the attachment points of the masseter muscles where the anatomic position of these muscles groups enables rats to move the lower jaw up and down and far forward. But did you know that rodents often gnaw to maintain their dental health and prevent the development of malocclusion? Rat teeth can grow to more than 10 cm per year, this growth rate is kept in check by constant grinding and gnawing.

Are Rats a Problem Only for Commercial Properties But Not Residential Properties?

Many people believe that rodents are only found in mountains or forests, and rats only invade commercial properties (e.g. commercial kitchens in restaurants, warehouses), nothing could be further from the truth.

For example: since places such as Burlington Ontario especially Hamilton has industry sectors for Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Food Processing and Goods Movement, means that rodents can thrive when unchecked by a professional pest control company specializing in exterminating rats and also preventing rat infestation. But the critical point to remember is, rats do not discriminate between residential or commercial properties, wherever they can find food and water sources and can comfortably breed, rats will infest any type of property.

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