Can Essential Oils Act as an Effective Household Pest Control

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Pests like being inside more than anywhere else due to the abundance of warmth, food, and cozy crevices. At the same time, it is tricky to do effective pest control by yourself for prevention inside the house especially when there are children, pets, or elderly people living there due to their increased sensitivity to the substances used (especially if they are industrial strength).

How Not to Use Essential Oils for Pest Control

Before we share some fresh ideas with you regarding using essential oils for pest control, we’d like to inform you of the fact that despite what anyone may have told you, you can not, we repeat, you can not get rid of persistent pest such as rats, mouse, bed bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, moth or any type of household pests using essential oils. Instead, if you are residing anywhere around Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton Ontario Canada, strongly do consider speaking with one of our professional and qualified pest control experts 905-582-5502 for effective pest control.

Main reason we say this is because there are many websites who have never provided professional pest control (for example, such websites usually wanting to sell you expensive essential oils wouldn’t even know the difference between Indoxacarb or Difethialone or Pyrethrins) telling you that you can use essential oils for controlling pests. Once again, although you can use essential oils for pest repellant, you should never use essential oils trying to eliminate pest infestation. Because doing so will exacerbate the pest problem and cost you even more $$ in the long run.

How to Deter Pests Using Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a natural alternative to using store-bought pesticide or insecticide and they can be used safely and abundantly for pest deterrent ‘prevention’ as a result controlling pests so that infestation do not occur. Full-blown infestations however are difficult to manage just with essential oils alone and you may need to call a professional pest control technician for that.

What are Essential Oils

Depending on their quality and source of origin, essential oils are concentrated and potent extracts of various plants, herbs, and flowers (in some cases fruit). Due to their potency, they are used in a diluted form for a variety of purposes. Cold-pressed essential oils are generally preferable because they retain more of their natural compounds since heat is not applied.

Moths In The Kitchen

It is advised to regularly wipe down counters, sweep and mop the kitchen space, however, moths can still easily accumulate in cabinets and the pantry. Regularly spraying or keeping soaked rags of the following mixture rubbing alcohol, 10-15 drops of eucalyptus oil, and about the same amount of peppermint oil and cedarwood oil can act as a deterrent for moths and can also provide an inhospitable environment for their eggs.

Ants Are a Group Problem

Where there are several ants it probably means a colony is not far away as they are insects that thrive in large numbers and coordination. Using a spray/mixture of vodka or rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and orange oil (all about 10 drops or less) to ward off these unwanted intruders whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room of the house can be ideal.

Having said that you can use essential oils for ants, it is absolutely important to realize that Ants are highly organized and very persistent insects, even using pest control chemicals may not be enough as one needs to understand their living habits and particularly their breeding cycle.

Because understanding the above factors is required for successful elimination of ant colonies around your residential or commercial property. Also, if un-checked, ants can cause great deal of structural damage to properties around GTA including Burlington, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton Ontario, Oakville, Mississauga Canada.

Ipsy Wispy Spider May Not Hang on the Wall

Unlike some other countries around the world (such as the Brazilian Wandering Spider or the Redback Spider in Australia) most native spiders throughout Ontario Canada are harmless. However, they can pose a risk in terms of bites and itchy stings especially for young children.

You can deter their infestation by being a pest to them. How? Regularly inspecting around your property for spider webs, and as soon as you see the web, simply destroy it. But not just once as it will take few attempts to annoy them to move elsewhere (usually they’ll move to your next door neighbor’s 🙂 property)

Also do note that spiders found inside your residence hate any substance getting on their legs when they are walking around so an essential oil mixture of peppermint oil and tea tree oil (even tea tree alone) can be considered if you must use essential oils for spider deterrent.

Moths Drilling Holes In Clothes

Clothes moths are a colossal problem because clothes are a major expense in most people’s lifestyle (not to mention the sentimental value some of our beloved clothes have). The best way to keep moths and silverfish out of your closet (which is their favorite place in the world) is to keep rags or cotton balls lightly soaked with pine oil or cedarwood oil. You can also make a sort of potpourri and hang it from mesh bags in the closet.

For drawers or closed boxes reuse silicon sachets (like the ones you get with purses or vitamin pills) with holes made into them where pine oil or cedarwood oil has been added. You can also make a linen spray with the same ingredients and regularly spray on coats, blankets, and sheets, especially before storing them. This can act as a deterrent for controlling moths.

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There is a Better Way to Deter and Also Eliminate Pests

The best way to get rid of pests is to get assistance by a professional pest control expert. Inquire about Maximum Pest Control Services proven pest control and treatment solutions to protect your property from pest infestation using approved and natural methods.

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