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Many people are afraid of spiders because some of them are deadly when they bite. Some people tend to be afraid of the spiders simply because of the thought they might be bitten by one. Spiders are known to be an anthropoid , they don’t have skeleton inside their bodies, that’s why their skeletal system is in the outermost layer of their body. Their hard exoskeleton aids them to maintain their moisture and not to dry out. Part of their exoskeleton are bristles. young spiders need to molt adult do not need to molt.

Let us discover more things and give various facts about the common spider.

Did you know that Spiders could possess up to eight eyes. Surprisingly most are near-sighted.

Although spiders have meek eyes, they are usually not well developed. Instead, spiders use their vibrations which they sense on their webs surface. The tiny hairs that are distributed entirely on the spider’s body are subtle tangible receptors. These bristles are delicate to a variation of stimuli including vibration detection, feel touch and the airflow.

The term spider comes from an English verb spinnan, which means to spin or woven. Web weavers uses tiny talons at the base of each leg as an addition to their serrated hairs for them to walk on to their webs without penetrating to them.

Spiders digest the food they eat outside their body. After they capture a prey, they release a digestive enzymes from their intestinal track and shield the insect. These digestive enzymes breakup the body which lets the spider in sucking the liquid prey.

The dreaded tarantula is not poisonous. A bee sting is more dangerous as that a tarantulas bite.

A daddy-long-leg is not a spider though it seems to look like one. It is different from a spider because it don’t have a waist between its abdomen and its front body.  Its legs are thinner and longer than a spider and it transports its body hung low.

Beneath the spider’s abdomen, close the rear, are the stubs called spinnerets. To pull the liquid silk made in its side abdomen like bag of gums from the spinnerets they use their feet. The produced silk becomes stiffer as it is being stretched. Because the produced silk is made up of certain protein, spiders don’t waste food they even eat first the old web before they spin to make a new one.

Not all spiders spin webs, many used silk in other ways. Some are for protecting their eggs in silken eggs sacs. Spider wolf carries their egg sac attached to their spinnerets.  Lots of tarantulas mark their burrows with silk.

In the American one dollar bill, the owl in the higher left hand angle of the “1” covered in the shield and a spider unseen in the front right corner. Most of the spiders belongs to the circle of weaver spider family, the Family Aranidae. This is marked as “A Rainy Day”.

A strand from the golden spider web is as durable as steel wire having the size. Researchers of the animal behavior studied the effects of different substances found the spider, in 1960.

Spiders spin nervous webs when they are fed flies that has an injected caffeine. They spin web with abstract patterns and rough when they ate flies inserted LSD. Spiders that have given sedatives tends to fell asleep before they get complete with their webs.

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