DIY Rat Control Vs. Professional Rat Control Services

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Whether rats have invaded your home or business, one thing’s for sure; you’ll want to get rid of the infestation as soon as possible before it becomes worse in time. Rats are aggressive breeders, with a single female birthing up to six litters per year! Each litter consists of 10-12 rat pups, which reach maturity in as little as 4-5 weeks! This means that a small rat infestation can turn into thousands of rats within one year, with the ability to grow even more rapidly.

As if that’s not terrifying enough, rats have a terrible reputation for spreading severe diseases. For instance, they vector hantavirus, a life-threatening disease that currently has no cure, treatment, or vaccine. Therefore, you must ensure the most effective and permanent rat control method.

The question now becomes, which is the best rat control method for your property? While some swear by their tried and tested DIY rat control tricks, others insist on engaging professional rat control services. Here is a comprehensive guide on DIY vs. Professional rat control services.

Dangers That Rats Can Pose

Even before we can delve deeper into DIY vs. professional rat control, it’s vital that you understand the full scope of potential rat-related risks. When rats invade your home or yard, they can wreak havoc and cause significant structural damage, chewing on things that could cause fire or electrical location burnout.

These unwanted guests have a terrible reputation for destroying insulation and chewing through wiring, leading to short circuits and even house fires. In fact, it is estimated that rats, together with their notorious cousins’ mice, are responsible for up to 20% of the undetermined fires in the United States every year.  

On top of that, rats constantly chew through materials such as wood, plastic, concrete, bricks, and soft aluminum. And besides destroying the wooden legs of your tables and chairs, rats can also nibble on upholstered furniture and use the fluffy materials to build their nests. But the worst part is that exposure to these invasive pests has been linked to diseases and mental health issues such as chronic stress and acute depression.

How to Decide Between DIY Rat Control and Professional Pest Control

 Given the dangers rats pose to you, your home, and your loved ones, it’s recommended that you rely on professional pest control services like the ones provided by Maximum Pest Control staff experts. However, DIY rat control can be effective depending on your pest situation. Here are factors to consider when deciding between Professional and DIY pest control.

Level of The Infestation

Both severe and small rat infestations are a big problem. Remember that rats are prolific breeders, and a small infestation has the potential to grow exponentially if not managed effectively.

Generally, when choosing the best method to handle a rat infestation, you should consider the level of the infestation you’re dealing with. If you’re sure you’re only eliminating a few rats (think two or three rats), then a DIY approach will probably do the trick. There are many DIY rat control methods that can provide effective results, such as snap traps, baits and poisons, glue traps, and live catch traps.

That notwithstanding, it’s important to note that even if implemented effectively, these DIY methods only eradicate the immediate problem. Unless the root cause of the infestation is eliminated (nests, attractants, and entry points), you can expect to have a recurring pest problem at hand. That is why an infestation of any size is best left to the professionals who will deal with it from its source.


Safety is a big issue when it comes to DIY rat control. Generally, the rat poisons and rodenticides used in DIY rodent control are extremely dangerous and can cause severe diseases. Without early and appropriate treatment, ingesting these products can lead to internal bleeding, paralysis, coma, and in some cases, death.

Hiring a professional pest controller is the best way to reduce the risk of harming yourself, your loved ones, and your pets. But if you’re hell-bent on controlling the pests yourself, you can significantly reduce the risk by using all-natural products and non-toxic repellents such as peppermint oil, vinegar, and diatomaceous earth. Be sure to store baits in tamper-proof bait stations and place them in areas where children and pets cannot access them.


 As mentioned earlier, DIY pest control is only effective for a small level of infestation. On top of that, DIY solutions are only short-term, and there’s a good chance that you’ll have a recurring pest issue. Comparably, professional pest control guarantees effective and long-term results for both small-scale and large-scale rats infestations.

Dangers Associated with DIY Rat Control

By now, you know that rats are disease carriers and vectors. Putting yourself in a position where you can get a rat bite or scratch can result in deadly diseases such as rat-bite fever. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that exposure to rat urine can also lead to serious illnesses such as leptospirosis, which causes liver and kidney damage.

Unlike professional pest controllers who utilize the latest, safest, and highly effective methods to exterminate a rat menace, most homeowners resort to rodenticides. As mentioned above, rodenticides are extremely toxic and, if misused or overused, can harm children’s and pets’ health.

According to Public Health Insider, U.S. Poison Control Centers receive more than 10,000 calls every year regarding children (under three years) eating rodent poisons. As such, you should avoid using DIY rodent poisons and instead engage a pest control professional.

The Most Effective Solution to Rat Infestations

When it comes to rodent infestations, proper identification is key to effective control. The appropriate treatment depends on the exact species of rodent infesting and the level of the infestation. Maximum pest control professionals have the knowledge and training to inspect your home and customize an effective treatment plan.

Our exterminators experts at Maximum Pest Control Services are equipped with highly effective green products. We utilize industry-leading trends and equipment to survey your home and customize a rat removal and prevention plan that meets your unique needs. Don’t let rodents terrorize you, please contact Maximum Pest Control Services today to find out what you have or been hidden effective inspection (905) 582-5502.

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