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Cleanliness is a fundamental part of any manufacturing plant .  A clean manufacturing facility protects the health and well-being of employees while maintaining the quality of your products. The presence of pests in your plant can do insurmountable damage to your business, ruin your reputation, or even lead to the temporary/permanent closure of the facility. Pests can also be carriers and vectors of severe diseases. These invasive creatures can increase health risks for your employees and customers at an alarming rate.

Maximum Pest Control Services professional’s exterminators and Commercial pest control services understand that establishing a zero-tolerance pest environment in your manufacturing plant is critical. Hence, we inspect your facility and implement a preventative pest control plan for your manufacturing plant. This allows us to detect early pest threats and treat the problem before an infestation can become severe.

Our friendly pest control technicians will work closely with your staff to ensure a safe work environment.

Types of Pests That Commonly Invade Manufacturing Plants – Warehousing Facilities in Halton Region Toronto


Manufacturing factories are often the ideal breeding ground for certain types of pests. These facilities are at high risk for pest development because they experience a frequent movement of goods to and from different countries, suppliers, and sources.

For instance, manufacturing plants that produce foods and drinks are a prime target for infestation and contamination from rodents, flies, and storage pests such as moths and beetles. Other types of pests that can compromise the safety and cleanliness of an otherwise hygienic facility include:

Cockroaches: Roaches are filthy. They spread disease-causing germs and bacteria everywhere they go. Unfortunately, roaches are a common pest issue in manufacturing plants and are seriously difficult to get rid of. Maximum affordable pest control company in Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton Ontario will identify the cockroach species type invading your property and use safe and highly effective treatment methods to get rid of the pests fast, providing long-term protection within standards.

Rodents: Rats and mice can have a devastating impact on your business. These sneaky creatures cause structural damage by chewing and tearing through wood, plastic, insulation, and electrical wiring. A rodent infestation can cause power outages, electrical fires, and severe diseases, leading to thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of loses. Looking for mice removal Services? Maximum located in Oakville Ontario utilizes an integrated pest management plan to get rid of rodents infestation, seal all required mice entry exterior access points (additional fees will be applied), and prevent future threats. Call today for mice pest control service (905) 582 5502. People asking us questions, what is Mice Pest Control and how does it work? They can attract dangers to your property, contact Maximum rodent control expert to help mitigate the harmful risks.

Ants: In their natural habitats, ants are valuable and beneficial insects. But once they invade your factory, these tiny creatures can become a real nuisance. In fact, some ant species have been found to spread disease-causing pathogens from infected to non-infected areas. To eliminate ants in and around your property, we identify the species and destroy their source and nests, ensuring they do not re-infest.

Storage Pests: Storage pests such as weevils, moths, and beetles are a common nuisance in food manufacturing plants. These invasive pests cause significant losses by directly feeding on foods and contaminating them. To effectively control storage pests, our technicians will keenly inspect your facility to determine the cause of the problem. They will then apply a safe and effective treatment to exterminate the infestation, providing long-term protection program from future pest threats. Available Program: Weekly, Bi weekly, Monthly, Quarterly throughout the year.

Pest Prevention in Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants are labour-intensive facilities that involve continuous production and movement of goods and services. Manufacturing disruption due to issues such as a pest invasion is every manufacturer’s worst nightmare. Yet, these facilities are highly vulnerable to pest infestations due to the availability of ample hiding spots and food sources.

Luckily, Maximum Pest Control can help mitigate such disruptions and prevent delays by preventing pest infestations in your facility. We implement an integrated pest management (IPM) plan and monitoring programs to detect new or emerging pest issues throughout the program service availability.

Our IPM is a partnership between our company and our clients. We believe that your staff and employees are the first line of defence against pest invasions. Hence, in addition to professional pest prevention, we take our time to educate your staff about pest management and how to incorporate pest preventative practices into their daily activities.

For instance, your staff spends an adequate amount of time in storage areas and break rooms. Hence we train them to spot and report the first sign of pests before the infestation becomes widespread. This makes it easier to proactively manage pest problems while saving you time, money, and reputation that a severe infestation can cost. Educating your employees on proper pest control measures also ensures your business remains compliant with local legislation. It also improves productivity and customer relations.

Effective Commercial Pest Control Services for Manufacturing Plants, Warehousing

The best way to deal with pest problems in a manufacturing plant is by preventing an early detected infestation in the first place. However, a manufacturing facility will inevitably have small gaps, openings, and breaches that can allow pests to sneak in. This makes it hard for untrained manufacturers to keep pests away from their facilities. That is why preventative pest control from a local licensed pest company is vital for your manufacturing plant commercial business.

Manufacturers should never attempt to apply pesticides in their facility unless they’ve been trained and licensed to do so by the authority. That’s because many DIY pest control products contain toxic chemicals that can contaminate products and cause serious health issues.

Our rodent control services for manufacturing plants and warehousing aims to eliminate any existing pests and prevent future trouble infestations. To keep pests away from your facility, offices, warehouse, we inspect your property and set up pest traps and monitoring devices in high-risk areas in and exterior around your premises. On top of that, we educate your employees on effective pest control measures and proper cleaning and sensitization to prevent pest threats from becoming severe infestations. We also help find out all possible entry points to deny pests access into your manufacturing plant in the future. Contact Maximum in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton (905) 582-5502.


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