How to Avoid Bed Bugs When You Travel

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Bed Bugs are tiny parasitic insect common in household. They live in small places in your home, particularly in cracks and fractures wood. Bed bug infestation is common in the upholstery, mattress, carpets etc.  When bed bugs time to feed bite, it will cause itching, allergy, rashes and redness.

The effect of bite from a bed bug could last up to a couple of days. The most popular means wherein these pests might enter your house is through hitch hiking. Meaning, when you visit a place infested by bed bugs, they will latch onto your luggage and clothing and travel with the place you go. Does that mean that you should not travel?

Checklist to keep away from Bed Bugs

Below are some valuable tips to keep away from picking up these blood sucking pests during your travels.

  • Prior to checking into any accommodation, you have to read reviews of past clients on reliable websites online. It is ideal to keep away from going to hotels where bed infestation has been reported multiple times.
  • Once you check into any accommodation, you have to keep your baggage in the shower and check attentively in likely places. These will be the bed headboard, seams and mattress, picture frames, carpet, upholstered etc. Once you see any indication of this pest, move out. Or else you must keep your baggage on a high surface like luggage track or ironing table.
  • If you come back home, you must place all your clothes into the laundry. Once you have visited an infested place or you think you did, don’t place your unwashed garments on  carpet and furniture. Use hottest water as the material could withstand.
  • The briefcase, suitcase as well as purses also require being debugged. You could vacuum them carefully. Since these cannot survive cold. You could lower the temperature to below negative five degree. However this need to be keeps up for a minimum of five to seven days.
  • Although you have checked the room of the hotel thoroughly, bed bugs might enter your luggage or clothes during travels on public transportation. So it is needed to know the effective means of getting rid of these bed bugs completely.

How to Eliminate Bed Bugs?

A lot of bed bugs pesticides – insecticides are on hand in the market. The most popular group of pesticide is Pyrthroids. This is a substance compound the same in composition to which of pyrethrins that are acquired from the extract of flowers called chrysanthemum.  It is a contact insect killer which causes paralysis if not death to the insects on contact. Organophosphate such as Malathion was an extensively used insecticide in United States. On the other hand it has lately been forbidden due to its very high toxicity.

You can decide on the steri-fab bed bug spray to get rid of an infestation.  This has synthetic pyrethroid that is based on isopropyl alcohol. It is biodegradable, safe and vaporizes in fifteen to twenty minutes with no leaving any trace. Using this product is so easy and no dilution needed. The steri-fab spray must be used to all cracks and crevices of the space, on mattresses and on carpets. It is a suitable way of bed bugs pest control. If you have bed bugs infestation in your home, call Maximum Pest Control Services experts. They are more skilled regarding bed bugs pest control in the Toronto region area. Visit the web Today , Maximum here to help!

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