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All homeowners consider termites as their nightmare. Thus, there is other insect that can also strike alarm in homeowner’s heart. Carpenter ants are not popular as termites, but can cause millions of money a year in destruction to houses all over the country. If you are living in a zone that frequently has damp or wet conditions, or there’s a wet spot in your house, your home can be at jeopardy from an insect called carpenter ants.

This kind of ants considers as one of the biggest members of ant classes. They comes in black color and occasionally reddish brown. Carpenter ants have single node on the back and round thorax, which makes difference between carpenter ants and termites. They like eating protein and sugar, because sugar and other substances made using sugar can greatly attract them. Any kind of sweet such as milk, cake, honey, fruit juice, etc. and protein foods like fish, meat and other human foods produced using protein significantly attracts carpenter ants.

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Carpenter ants live in hives and their life cycle is just similar to that any other kind of ant. Regardless of popular belief, these carpenter ants do not eat the wood, nonetheless the do tunnel over it. Carpenter ants transfer through wood and produce galleries and tunnels in their hunt for food and to make nests. If a wood happens to be a portion of your home, your home is being damaged, as carpenter ants destroy every wood in which they’re nesting. The longer that these carpenter ant group residues in your home, the worse the destruction that they could do to your home.

How to keep carpenter ants away from your house?

To certainly get rid of carpenter ants, you need first to know them and their characteristics. There are best ways on keeping carpenter ants from setting up works in your home such as:

  • Be sure on keeping the lumber or wood dry if you will place it in a trash or near your house.
  • Replace rotted woods and moisture-damaged before the carpenter ants get fascinated to it.
  • Eliminate roots and tree stumps.
  • Keep bushes and trees near your home trimmed and pruned to remove highways that offer carpenter ants in your house.
  • Stack firewood out from your house outdoor on preventing ants from wandering from woodpile to your house.

Another thing is, one of the noble technique of getting rid of these carpenter ants is by pouring hot or cold water in their hive. You can mix certain lemon juice using water for better effect, as it kills all members of hive and can get rid of them naturally. By eliminating all the products which attracts them to your house, they will be dishearten on making hive in your house. You need to make all the sources of food inaccessible to them and try keeping your kitchen sink and bathroom dry and clean after using it.

Insects can bring damage either in your home or one’s health. It is very essential to be mindful and do preventive or curative techniques on avoiding their effect. Just like the carpenter ants, you need to take immediate action on getting rid of them to stop them from destroying your house and have a peaceful mind. Certain pest removal companies offer this kind of help on helping every household to have a safe and clean home.

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