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Carpenter Ants are large ants that live in several sections of the planet. They prefer to construct their nests or colonies from dead, moist lumber. Yet, contrary to general belief, they cannot eat wood as termites do.

They use wood to create their nests and burrow through it in their hunt for new sources of food. That is shown by lots of frass laying around, which can be the debris the carpenter ants have chewed out of usually damp. dead wood.

Carpenter ants live in colonies and have nests both inside and outside in damp, rotting or hollow wood. They like traveling by means of this rotting lumber by chiseling outside galleries or walks in wood lengthways up the grain as a way to make passageways from one part of the colony to another.

The parts of a home that are most of interest to carpenter ants are window frames,rafters in the roofing and bottom floor joists. In fact, anyplace where you are prone to have a problem with water entry. Porches with Decks  will also be clearly at risk in time.

The truth is, everywhere where you’re prone to have a problem with water leak entrance. Decks and porches will also be definitely in danger invaded by these type of big ants.

A fascinating fact about carpenters is that some species create inhabitants that will burst so that can eradicate invaders.

These big muscular ants have a huge abdomen which offers a kind of secret gland glue that will be shot from the head onto attacking invaders. The sprayed attacked ant dies, but all the attackers caught up in this net of adhesive are glued-up too.

How can you understand whether you’ve carpenter ants or not? Well, the most practical way of differentiating carpenters from some other ants is by viewing their midsections. A carpenter ant has just one node or hump as well as their thorax or upper body is well rounded and smooth. Other similar ants do have greater than one node or an irregular or two-sectioned back.

Carpenter ants eat protein and sugar like different insects, living or dead and honey or sugar. As a result, in the event you’d like to follow carpenter ant worker back to their own nest, you must lay down something like honey watching the ants take the food back. These the initial step to follow in destroying colonies of carpenter ants.

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