Simcoe WaveDeck

The Simcoe WaveDeck is one of four uniquely Canadian wavedecks planned for the city of Oakville, ON, Canada. Located at the water’s edge, the deck is an informal amphitheater-style space with impressive curves. Inspired by the shorelines of the great lakes of Ontario, the wave deck is meant to give urban dwellers a taste of life on the lake. You can visit the deck at 243 X Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8.

The Simcoe WaveDeck was conceived with the pristine shorelines of the Great Lakes in mind. Originally, the city’s waterfront was a narrow sidewalk that was only suitable for pedestrians. In 2005, the city replaced this narrow sidewalk with a spacious, welcoming waterside gathering space. The wavedeck is a dynamic and whimsical design that has become one of the waterfront’s most exciting new public spaces. The 30-metre-long bench, steps, and graceful curves provide seating for a pleasant, scenic, and exciting experience. Next article

Designed to mimic the shorelines of the Great Lakes, the Simcoe WaveDeck transforms a narrow sidewalk into a waterside gathering spot. The wavedeck is a lively and fun public space that’s designed to inspire people to relax, socialize, and explore. The Simcoe WaveDeck is a waterside public space that is part of the revitalization of the city’s central waterfront. The new waves are a big attraction for the city, and it is easy to see why the Simcoe WaveDeck has become such a popular attraction. Useful Information To Read

Located in the heart of Oakville, the Simcoe WaveDeck has the unique distinction of being one of the largest outdoor spaces in the world.
The wavedeck is made of wood with a unique pattern of glulam cedar. Ipe wood is also commonly referred to as Brazilian Walnut. The deck’s two large swells feature slender stainless steel railings, which differentiate curved sections and guide visitors up the slopes safely.

The Simcoe WaveDeck is located along the shores of the Great Lakes and is part of the city’s revitalization of its central waterfront. The park’s waterfront also has two other wavedecks, Spadina and Rees. The three of them are connected by a boardwalk and a continuous promenade. The new wavedecks are also a great way to see the beautiful fishes and other water-based species that live in the Great Lakes.

The Simcoe WaveDeck is wheelchair-accessible and wheelchair-friendly. Designed by renowned architects West8 + DTAH, this waterside park offers an elevated viewing area for residents and visitors alike. Its colourful LED lighting and dazzling views of the city’s skyline make it a popular attraction for many people. The Simcoe WaveDeck will be a perfect spot for families and friends.