iFLY Toronto

For thrill seekers, iFLY Toronto in Oakville Indoor SkyDiving is a great choice. The enclosed facility allows you to experience the free-fall feeling without the risk of injury. Observation decks also provide a great view of the ground and the skydiver. In the event that you are not comfortable jumping, you can always ask the instructors for some tips and tricks. You can visit the site with your family and friends at 2007 Winston Park Dr, Oakville, ON L6H 6P5. Next Article To Read

iFLY Toronto in Oakville is Canada’s first recirculating indoor free fall simulator, which uses state-of-the-art technology. It’s also the second indoor skydiving centre in Canada, and is a great place to learn how to fly. The facility offers introductory packages for those with no experience. The first flight is free, and the second flight is for just seventy-two dollars.

If you’ve never tried indoor skydiving, iFLY Toronto Oakville is the perfect place for you. The simulator is safe, and requires no experience to fly. Anyone can fly at iFLY Toronto. Guests can feel the sensation of freefall as they go up and down the towering towers. The multipurpose glass room is also a great place to hang out after the flight. You can open presents, eat, and drink while watching the spectacular view.

iFLY Toronto in Oakville Indoor SkyDiving Ontario Canada is a fun and unique event venue. The experience is accessible to nearly everyone, and there’s no need for prior experience. With personalized training, anyone can become an expert. iFLY Toronto Oakville is a great choice for birthday parties and other special occasions. And because it is a full-service facility, you can also save money with special packages and deals.

iFLY Toronto is a great venue for any type of event. You don’t need any experience to fly with iFLY Toronto. Almost anyone can become a professional skydiver. iFLY Toronto also provides training for future skydivers, military personnel, and professionals. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying in a wingsuit, iFLY is the place to be.

iFLY Toronto is an ideal venue for parties. Unlike Niagara Freefall, iFLY Toronto is the only indoor skydiving facility in the GTA that uses a recirculating air system. This is the most advanced technology in the world and allows anyone to become a skilled skydiver. The iFLY Toronto Oakville location is the most advanced facility in Canada. It also trains military and professional skydivers. A great more post

iFLY Toronto Oakville offers a two-hour experience that mimics a real free-fall experience. The two-hour experience can be tailored to the level of each customer. Typically, a customer will experience one to ten 60-second flights during a session. iFLY Toronto is a great option for birthday parties and is a great way to overcome a fear of heights.